news and snapshots

January 18., Torburg, Cologne

Maggie celebrates her 60. birthday within a Kozmic Blue concert.

Cheers Maggie ! 

June 27. 2017: wet show at Pirata Bus, Formentera  

27.9.2016, Our dear friend, fellow, one of the best bassplayers ever,                       Claeusel Quitschau +  passed away after a long illness this morning in Cologne.         We feel very, very sad.

23.9.2016, the new record –                   Sunset in paradise –  is out now

July, Kozmic Blue showcase their new song „Slick avenue“ at the philharmonic hall Cologne, a classical experience. In front of the orchestra from left to right: Justus Sagemueller (Cello), Maggie Mackenthun (vocals), Marianna Sadovska (vocals) and Gerhard Sagemueller (guitar)

„Kozmic Blue“ follows „B.B. and the Blues Shacks“ and  gets the brass „star“ on the walk of  fame at Germanys top Blues-Club Heimathaus Twist. Wet with sweat cause of the show and at the back from left to right: Gerhard Sagemueller, Justus Sagemueller, Wulf Hanses-Ketteler and Maggie Mackenthun at the front (also wet) now thery´re under the duty to polish it once a year           ____________________________________________________________________                                                                                                    June 2015 Harley Dome Cologne: Maggie Mackenthun sings: „Oh Lord wont you buy me a Harley Davidson..“

______________________________________________________________________ Kozmic Blue March 2015, Matthias Keul, Maggie Mackenthun, Gerhard Sagemueller and Justus Sagemueller at 25 years old „Blues -Mekka“ Heimathaus Twist ________________________________________________________________________ spring 2013, Gerhard Sagemueller of Kozmic Blue helps out Richard Bargel on the drums while premiering his new band „Dead Slow Stampede“ on stage.                                           (from left to right) Roger Schaffrath (guit., Wolf Maahn et al.) , Gerhard Sagemueller (drums, Kozmic Blue), Norbert Jorzeck (bass),  Richard Bargel (voc guit, Bargel/Heuser) ——————————————————————————————————————-

Miami, Fld: Febr. 26th 2013: Maggie Mackenthun, Justus Sagemueller and Martin Doepke of Kozmic Blue  get on board to  „70000 tons of metal“, being part of the Lingua Mortis Orchestra of Rage, THE WORLD’S BIGGEST HEAVY METAL CRUISE,


the IGing project, CD and tour Winter 2012/13:

Joerg Dudys (guit., Edo Zanki, Jule Neigel et al.),  Maggie Mackenthun (voc, flute, harmonica),     Martin Engelien (bass, Klaus Lage, Maffay et.all),    Gerhard Sagemueller (drums, guit)


summer 2012: a typical Formentera session: first music, than food and drinks at the Bon Gust, San Francisco. Maggie and Zucchero after show and cafe solo


January 2011: Maggie Mackenthun (KOZMIC BLUE) and Steve Morse (Deep Purple) modelling their ornament shirts and pendants, while doing a showcase at the Namm Show in Los Angeles

_________________________________________________________________________                                                               (from left to right) Laurence Juber (Paul McCartney and the Wings), Peter Bursch (Broeselmaschine) Maggie Mackenthun (Kozmic Blue), and Jerry Donahue (Fairport   Convention) groovin´ at Kulaks Woodshed in Hollywood _________________________________________________________________________ (from left to right) Vicki Genfan, Carl Verheyen (Supertramp), Maggie and Steve Trovato  wearing a smile in L.A.


September 2011: (from left to right) Helmut Kruminga (BAP), Gerhard Sagemueller (KOZMIC BLUE), Gerd Koester,  Brahm Heidl (JAY KAYE BAND), and Frank Hocker  (KOESTER / HOCKER) bow low (and up again) to the audience at Tanzbrunnen, Cologne _________________________________________________________________________ 

Febr.2009: Kozmic Blue and Jan Ackermann (FOCUS) backstage. Jan played a great show. Maggie Mackenthun is still fresh for her upcoming set. _________________________________________________________________________ January 2010: J´attire votre attention sur le fantastique Kozmic Kaye Project  a´ „spirit of 66“, en mer villeux ville Verviers. (from left to right): Jay Kaye, Diego Ferral, Maggie Mackenthun, Brahm Heidl andGerhard Sagemueller


summer 2008: Kozmic Blue and Ten Years After at the June open air festival in Berlin (singer Maggie Mackenthun and bassplayer Leo Lyons backstage) _________________________________________________________________________  

2007: John Hayes (Mothers Finest) and Maggie (Kozmic Blue) at the Bluescafe Apeldoorn  _________________________________________________________________________  

2006: Maggie Mackenthun meets Charlie Musselwhite at the New Orleans Blues Festival  ________________________________________________________________________  news October 1990: KOZMIC TWO are born